LATEST UPDATE: Steps toward New Gatherings

From June 1st, Gatherings for public Worship of up to 50 are allowed in NSW (with caveats of maintaining social distancing & no communal singing).  As a parish, we are cautiously looking at possibilities of returning.  Click on this link to find out more: 'Steps towards New Gatherings'

Online church is still running.  

Please see that page on this website

On Wednesday 18th March, the Archbishop of Sydney released the following statement:

In light of the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning, banning enclosed gatherings in excess of 100 people, I have decided that the Anglican Church in Sydney should suspend all public church gatherings until further notice. We are encouraging all our churches to consider providing their services online or by other communication methods. We shall make every effort to care for our church communities and the wider public, especially those who are isolated and vulnerable. Anglicare Sydney will continue its vital work of showing Christ's love in ministering to all people, especially older Australians. Anglican Schools will also continue to play a significant role in caring for students and families. I call on all Christians to pray for health workers and those seeking to develop a vaccine, and to pray that the spread of this disease may slow. God’s love for all people has not diminished, nor his sovereignty over his world. Therefore, I urge all Christians to continue to trust in God’s goodness and mercy in this crisis, and to show Christ’s love to those affected

It was a clear & decisive response, motivated by love.  

For our parish it means a number of things:

God is still good & still in control. He is the God who can use evil for good purposes.  

That is how Joseph reflected on his brother’s betrayal, his time in slavery & prison – that it might be the salvation of nations in a time of famine (Genesis 50v20).  It is also how we understand the cross – humanity’s ultimate evil bringing God’s ultimate good (Acts 2v22-24).  God is still good & in control.

Loving the vulnerable is our priority. The Archbishop’s strong stance flows from our desire to honour & care for the weakest. 

The example being set is giving up something we love, for the benefit of those in most difficulty.  I love church.  I love gathering each week with God’s people.  I love that it is public & new people join us all the time.  Cancelling church is sacrificing something we love, in order to love others.

Public corporate worship will be online until further notice. Physically we aren't able to meet.  

Every Sunday we will stream a service at 8am, 10am, 1pm & 3pm (available through the link on this site).  For those not online, on each church building door is a box with the latest sermon, service & news-sheet.  They are free for collection & distribution. 

Youth & Children’s ministry is happening in online & email form. Glow or ONE are not holding public meetings until further notice. But there is still ministry for children & youth.  Sign up to our mailing list for updates and children's ministry material delivered to your inbox.  ONE is meeting online through 'Zoom' - contact John Young.

Many Growth Groups are meeting 'virtually'. The principle of ‘social distancing’ means we no longer meet in our usual Growth Groups.  Some have divide into pairs for phone call encouragement.  Other groups are meeting 'virtually' through 'Zoom' technology.

Encouraging each other in the faith is still our priority. The Scriptures urge us to encourage one another – all the more as you see the Day of Christ approaching (Hebrews 10v24-25).  A pandemic is a good reminder we need Christ to come soon – pray for it!  In the meantime, we are working out the best methods to encourage our church family in the absence of open fellowship.  We welcome suggestions but can’t promise every good idea being enacted.  

Keep praying. Here is a suitable prayer for all times:   Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the hours of this day, so that we, who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life, may rest in your eternal changelessness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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