latest update

February- March 21

Church Pre-registration ending. Pre-registration has been in place to ensure smooth entry & none turned away.  With the extra service & the recognition less & less pre-registered – we are doing away with the system.  Our hope is this also means some who’ve held back, will feel free to come again.   To keep church running smoothly, here’s how we can all help:

-  Arrive 5-10 minutes early for church.

-  Use the QR code (download the service NSW app beforehand), then ensure the registrar ‘ticks’ you’ve entered.  We still have to abide by number regulations.

-  Offer to enter others without a smart phone as your dependent.

-  If you can’t use QR code or be on someone else’s – there will be a sheet to write your name & number.

Read more about joining the livestream of the 10am service here.