latest update

With our government releasing the ‘Roadmap out of lockdown’, we’ve more clarity about church life. As a parish, we are looking to Sunday October 31st (when we’ll be joined by Bishop Gary Koo) & Monday 1st November as our return to ‘in-person church’. It will be with tight restrictions on numbers – which will loosen from the start of December. Until then a service will continue to be livestreamed at 10am on Sunday, & it remains on our Youtube channel (LPA Church) for you to watch or share later. That live-stream will remain, even after we return to in-person. 

To keep church running smoothly, here’s how we can all help:

-  Arrive 5-10 minutes early for church.

-  Use the QR code (download the service NSW app beforehand), then ensure the registrar ‘ticks’ you’ve entered.  We still have to abide by number regulations.

-  Offer to enter others without a smart phone as your dependent.

-  If you can’t use QR code or be on someone else’s – there will be a sheet to write your name & number.

Read more about joining the livestream of the 10am service here.