God gifts every member of His church, so that each person can serve (minister) to others for their good. As such, we are a church of ministers, rather than a church with a minister. The Bible describes these individual gifts in church like a body – not all the parts are the same, with the same function, but they have the same purpose.

As an Anglican church, we have leadership outside, under the Archbishop of Sydney. Within our church family some are set apart to teach the Bible, pray and oversee the organisation of life together.

  • mark groombridge

    senior minister



    John was born and bred in Lithgow, though he left town for a few years to study at SMBC, gaining a BTh and a Diploma in Divinity and Mission. John’s passion is meeting with people and helping them to understand the Bible more, and helping young people grow in their understanding of Jesus. Contact John here.

  • James Barnes

    part-time Community Pastor