Our desire to proclaim Jesus is personal and local, as well as long-distance and world-wide. We partner financially and prayerfully with a number of Christians beyond our church-family. They are:

Samuel Ogg   (Teaching SRE in Lithgow High School through LCEA)

Rev. Mark Muss (Anglicare’s Chaplain to Lithgow Correctional Centre)

Cameron & Lara Blair ( serving among University students & Refugees in south west Sydney with Pioneers)

Howard & Michelle (Serving Christ the Philippines, with the Church Missionary Society)

Caitlin Ogg ( Ministry Trainee with AFES at Charles Sturt Uni Bathurst)

Sarah Vigar  (AFES worker at the Western Sydney University)

ARISE Orphanage in the Philippines

Andrew & Cindy Hadfield (with Mission Aviation Fellowship)